Caring for your jewellery

Our beautiful jewellery does need to be looked after, we have compiled a list of tips and hints on how to care for your jewellery, so that it will look as lovely as they day you bought it. 

Cleaning and caring for your jewellery is easy, all you need to do is follow a few basic hints and tips.

  • Should your silver become tarnished, you can bring back the silver colour by using a silver polishing cloth.  Rub firmly over the silver.
  • Chemicals in swimming pools can cause tarnishing, water will also contribute to tarnishing, therefore always remove jewellery before entering a pool, sea or shower.
  • Skin and hair products can react with jewellery and cause it to tarnish or discolour, therefore we advise applying any cosmetics and scents first.
  • To ensure your jewellery is not accidentally damaged during physical exercise such as cleaning, gardening or the gym we recommend you take off your jewellery beforehand.
  • Exposure to air and the environment can cause your silver to tarnish over time, we recommend storing your jewellery in a small grip seal bag, it’s a good way of keeping your jewellery looking newer for longer. 
  • Do not store jewellery on windowsills or in bathrooms as damp and hot conditions will cause jewellery to tarnish.
  • We do not recommend sleeping in your jewellery.
  • Store jewellery separately so that they do not tangle or scratch against each other.

By treating your jewellery with care and storing correctly in the original gift box, or in a jewellery box, your jewellery should bring you many years of wear and enjoyment.