Oak leaf Jewellery By Bethan Jarvis

Our oak leaf jewellery is made using real oak leaves, the leaves are collected from a cluster of small trees not too far from the lake in Llanberis, Snowdonia.

I have managed to combine days out with the kids and working (also known as collecting leaves), I take my two children (now two children and a baby) and two dogs with me on my leaf hunting expeditions, after I have collected enough leaves we then have fun with the dogs in the lake, or go paddling (weather permitting).

The process of making oak leaf jewellery.

In the beginning (many years ago) I used to make a big batch of oak leaf jewellery, oak leaf earrings, oak leaf studs, oak leaf necklaces etc from silver clay, copper clay and bronze clay. My only problem was that in Autumn when the leaves fell off the tree’s and I had sold all the oak leaf jewellery, I was out of stock and had to wait till late spring when the oak leaves started growing again! This happened for many years.

Then I discovered Casting! (happy emoji) I make all my original oak leaf jewellery from silver clay, and then I choose a few of my favourites leaves and send them to be cast. I make up about 10-15 leaves each year and choose a few newbies to add to my permanent collection.

There are many one-off oak leaf jewellery that you will only find only on my stall.

At present I can make the oak leaves in Bronze, Copper, Silver and gold vermeil. (blog on gold vermeil coming soon!)

An easy way to get on board with our oak leaf jewellery range is a pair of simple everyday studs available in Bronze, Copper, Silver and Gold Vermeil.

Although the bronze and copper oak leaf jewellery are inspired by Autumn they can be worn all year round.

All our copper and bronze oak leaf jewellery have sterling silver posts and scrolls.

Discover the full Oak Leaf Jewellery collection here.